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Navigating Regulatory Hurdles to Launch a Real Estate-Backed Security Token
Client Results: Blockchain, DTC Go-To-Market

Navigating Regulatory Hurdles to Launch a Real Estate-Backed Security Token

We partnered with USP to launch a security token backed by real estate, navigating complex regulatory hurdles. The result: $2M in private funding, a prelaunch list of 17,000+ investors, and a robust social media following, setting the stage for future growth.
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Client Results


USP, a startup aiming to revolutionize real estate investment through blockchain, faced the daunting task of launching an ERC1400 standard token in a market rife with regulatory challenges and diminishing trust in crypto. The token, backed by real estate assets, offered a unique hedge against the inflationary U.S. dollar.

Market Landscape

The U.S. market is experiencing high inflation rates, making traditional investment vehicles less appealing. However, real estate remains a steady, long-term appreciating asset. This dichotomy presented an opportunity for USP to introduce a token that could potentially offset inflationary pressures.

Client’s Situation

As a new entrant, USP had no market share and faced significant challenges, including regulatory hurdles from the SEC and a general lack of consumer understanding of both securities and real estate. Despite these obstacles, the company had a committed founder, a pre-existing team, and substantial financial backing. However, they lacked a coherent growth strategy and organizational structure.

Our Approach

GrowthLabs Consulting initiated a multi-pronged approach:

  1. Raised $2 million in private funding through a Reg D Rule 506(c) offering.
  2. Built a prelaunch waiting list of over 17,000 potential investors.
  3. Grew social media following to 26,000+ across various platforms.
  4. Made two new real estate investments to increase the book value of USP tokens.

How We Achieved This

To transform USP’s vision into a tangible reality, we executed a multi-faceted strategy that was both comprehensive and targeted.

  1. New Website: We started by designing and launching a new website that not only showcased USP’s unique value proposition but also served as a hub for investor relations and information.
  2. Custom Investment Portal: We developed a custom investment portal interface, integrating third-party Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions. This ensured a seamless and secure investor onboarding process.
  3. Email Marketing: Our email marketing campaigns were meticulously crafted to engage potential investors, providing them with valuable insights into the USP project and the real estate market.
  4. Social Media and Influencer Marketing: We leveraged social media platforms and influencer partnerships to amplify USP’s message. This not only built brand awareness but also fostered a community of engaged and informed investors.
  5. Press and Media Coverage: We secured coverage in niche outlets that cater to our target demographic, further establishing USP’s credibility and reach in the market.
  6. Community Development: Last but not least, we focused on community development, creating a space for investors and stakeholders to interact, share ideas, and stay updated on USP’s progress.

Through these concerted efforts, we were able to lay a strong foundation for USP, setting them on a path for sustained growth and success.

Financial Impact & Projections

The initial $2 million raise and the substantial prelaunch waiting list set the stage for a successful public offering. USP is now preparing for a Reg CF raise on with a goal of $1 million.

The two new real estate investments have already added value to the USP tokens, enhancing investor confidence.

Conclusion & Future Steps

USP has successfully navigated a complex regulatory landscape to establish itself as a viable investment vehicle. The company is now poised for its next phase of growth, which includes a new crowdfunding campaign and a continued focus on social media and advertising to raise awareness.

By adhering to a well-crafted strategy, USP is not only surviving but thriving in a challenging market, offering a promising investment alternative backed by the stability of real estate assets.

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