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Meet the leadership team at GrowthLabs Consulting, the driving force behind our innovative solutions.
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The minds driving growth for our partners.

An amalgamation of expertise, creativity, and passion.

Our team is a group of seasoned professionals who bring together years of experience across various industries and specialties. They’re not just experts in their field but are innovators and thought leaders, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in business growth and development.

Andrew Palacios

CEO, Co-Founder

Andrew’s background is steeped in B2B marketing, sales, and brand development. His acumen for strategic business growth is proven by a successful track record in management consulting and a successful exit from a marketing agency.

Eugene Xiao

Managing Director, Global Sales & Technology

Eugene brings a diverse background, encompassing the high-tech software industry, internet e-commerce, and technology investment. Having held key positions at leading tech firms, he leverages his expertise to foster strategic business relationships and growth.

Na Ye

Managing Director, Global Marketing

Na has successfully advised on billions of dollars in real estate transactions and sales developments. Her expertise in marketing for B2B companies and her keen understanding of both the Chinese and US markets gives us a strategic edge in designing revenue systems.

Carl Tautenhahn

Managing Director, National Sales

With an impressive portfolio in networking, AI, and scaling startups, Carl stands as a key pillar of our team. His record of successful exits in startups and consumer brands speaks volumes about his prowess in high-velocity growth and sales.

Gregory Grzesiak

Managing Director, Partner Marketing

Gregory draws from his extensive network and experience from a successful PR and media company exit to guide our partner marketing strategies. His connections with thought leaders and influencers add tremendous value to our team and our partners.

Johnney Zhang

Advisor, Strategy

A seasoned entrepreneur and investment banking leader, Johnney has advised hundreds of startups and secured over $1BN in business deals. His vast experience in blockchain and real estate investment adds a wealth of knowledge to our internal growth strategies.

Gerald Tautenhahn

Managing Director, Web3 Technology

An adept technologist, Gerald brings extensive knowledge in technology, blockchain, and AI. As a former co-leader of multiple successful startups, his skills in tech development and high-velocity growth greatly enhance our technological competency.

Aria Vergopia

Managing Director, Capital Strategy

Aria’s expertise lies in advising capital raises for startups, corporate restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions consulting. Her grasp of business growth and deep understanding of the Chinese and US markets make her an invaluable asset to our global operations.

Chris Dobson

Web3 Regulatory Analyst

Chris’s role as a web3 regulatory analyst has seen him oversee the growth of numerous blockchain companies, keeping a pulse on market trends, news, legislation, and insights. His expertise in web3  makes him an invaluable resource for navigating the web3 landscape.

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